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[Computer Science Essentials] Complexity and asymptotic notation

theta_nHere we start a series of posts which pretends to clarify some essential points in the computer science world. If you want to study/remember this for your exam or whatever, I recommend you to read it pretending not to be studying but enjoying with it.


Complexity and asymptotic notation

Whats the importance of this point?

When designing software, an essential part is how we design the structures and algorithms in it, because it could be determinating the efficence of the full program. Continue reading

[日本語] Useful online dictionaries

As I’m always finding new dictionaries, I thought it’d be great to share it here. I’ll be adding links as I find them.

  1. Jisho.orgLooks Very Really nice!!. It has a draw input if you don’t know how to type the kanji you’re looking for. The best I’ve found till now for foreigners.
  2. The Yamasa Institute Online Dictionary – Webpage available in several languages.
  3. Goo の辞書 –  The page seems to be completly in japanese but its very intuitive and easy to use.
  4. Yahoo の辞書
  5. ALC の辞書

Other useful sites:


[日本語] Computer Science vocabulary list

Lately I’m looking for new ways to expand my vocabulary, and I was able to find some cool lists I would like to share with you. Also, I’ll include vocab. from here and there.

Also I’m going to let here dictionaries I use almost every day:

Continue reading